Understanding Your Bill

Crawford County Memorial Hospital is committed to making each patient's experience a positive one. Understanding insurance and billing procedures is part of that process.

Because Crawford County Memorial Hospital works with a company called Trubridge for patient billing services, your hospital bill will be sent to you directly from Trubridges’ office in Mobile, 阿拉巴马州. When your bill arrives, the return address on the business envelope will say Crawford County Memorial Hospital and your payment is processed at our facility. Even though the bill is generated in Mobile, be assured that our local business office staff has the original record and is on hand to answer any questions you may have about payment.

The bill you receive will be for services performed at our facility. You will not obtain a separate bill for hospital and clinic services. There may be times where you receive additional billing from a third party such as Physician’s 实验室, PC or Nebraska Iowa Radiology Consultants.

Financial Assistance

Crawford County Memorial Hospital has a long history of providing assistance to help relieve the financial burden of accessing much needed services for our local uninsured or underinsured patients. Our financial counselors would be happy to provide information on payment plans or provide more information on applying for aid through our charity care program. Our charity care program is based upon federal poverty guidelines. After completing an application, patients who qualify will have a percentage of or the entire bill forgiven. For more information, call (712) 265-2500 and ask to speak with our financial counselors.

No Surprise Billing Disclosure

Good Faith Estimate Disclosure

Financial Assistance Program/Sliding Fee Scale(PDF)

Financial Assistance Program Plain Language Summary(PDF)

Price Transparency Tool

Model Disclosure Notice Regarding 病人 Protections Against Surprise Billing Instructions for Providers and Facilities(PDF)

病人 Financing Options

Crawford County Memorial Hospital is pleased to offer Platinum 病人 Financing! Platinum financing gives our patients on-the-spot financing when it’s needed to pay medical expenses. It’s fast, flexible, and affordable. Best of all, it’s offered locally through the GreenState Credit Union.


0% APR* for 6 months introductory rate
Minimum payment required
Flexible repayment options
No prepayment penalty


Loan terms available from 6 months to 60 months with rates as low as 9.4月99%
Fixed monthly payments for the term of the loan
Flexible repayment options
No prepayment penalty


问题? Contact our Financial Counselors at 712-265-2500

*APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Rate is fixed (non-variable). Interest rate is based on credit score, capacity to repay and approval. No prepayment penalties. Crawford County Memorial Hospital offers closed-end personal installment loans for the terms listed above only.